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BSS was opened in 2011 by Ruskin Mill Trust (RMT). Its purpose is to provide day or residential learning and development opportunities for school-aged students, male or female, who experience autistic spectrum conditions, developmental delay or other complex learning difficulties. The school has developed a unique offer that melds insights from a number of sources to enable its students to have fresh chances to learn, to grow and to flourish.

At the heart of the school’s offer is the understanding of human phasic development that underpins the Waldorf curriculum that is used in Rudolf Steiner schools across the world. At Brantwood teachers use this curriculum framework, alongside the National Curriculum, to ensure that students are able to use learning materials appropriate to their age and ability. The delivery style used to make sure that the school’s students derive maximum benefit from this curriculum is highly practical. It draws on insights gained over 20 years of delivering Steiner influenced programmes to college-aged students who experience similar difficulties and that led to the development of the Ruskin Mill Trust method: Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE). This focuses on making and doing and also on growing. It allows students experience and to manipulate natural materials, and to work the land with tools they have crafted. Therapeutic insight weaves throughout the school’s offer and individual students benefit from a range of therapeutic intervention according to their assessed needs. These include the impact of the craft and land work activities, the availability of speech and language and occupational therapies as well as specialist movement, art and massage therapies.

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Who we are

The school’s Head Teacher is Caroline Bell.
The school’s proprietor is Aonghus Gordon. Aonghus is the founder and Executive Chair of RMT and he can be contacted at the Trust’s head office: Ruskin Mill, Old Bristol Road, Nailsworth, Gloucester, GL6 0LA, by email at enquiries@rmt.org or by phone on 01453 837500.

Further Information

The school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy can be found by following this link . It is also available, on request, at the school, as are the other policies used to provide guidance for staff. These include:

• The admissions policy
• The policy outlining the educational and welfare provision for students with EHC plans
• The policy on English is an additional language
• The curriculum policy
• The behaviour policy, including sanctions and exclusions
• The school’s anti-bullying strategy
• The health and safety policy
• The first aid policy.

In addition, a range of other information is available, on request, at the school. This includes:
• The school’s academic performance during the previous school year, including the results of any public examinations
• The complaints procedure
• The number of complaints received during the previous year
• The Statement of Purpose for the schools children’s home, the Coach House.

Additional information about the school and the way it operates can be found in the following documents

Practically Minded, an exploration of the value of practical activity for school-aged students
• The specialist therapies available at BSS.

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