Ruskin Mill Trust provides students with holistic learning by role modelling positive relationships in the fields of arts, crafts, commerce, agriculture, nutrition, living skills and the environment.

By immersing students within the productive aspect of our curriculum, they learn to overcome their barriers to learning and to care for their own wellbeing and development. A student can then recognise their capabilities and positively contribute to society.

This approach is embedded within a unique research and training culture up to Masters level delivered through The Field Centre providing opportunities for all staff and the wider community for professional development.

Across Ruskin Mill Trust provision during 2014-2015, students undertook a variety of learning, through accredited qualifications and non-accredited learning units:

83% of students who left Ruskin Mill Trust in summer 2015 achieved accredited qualifications, averaging over three full qualifications each

94% of students who left Ruskin Mill Trust in summer 2015 achieved either qualifications or non-accredited learning aims (certificate of achievement), averaging over four full achievements each

83% of students undertook Work Experience in 2014-2015 equipping them with the skills for life, living and work

It is important to note that our transition teams will maintain contact with our students for up to six months after leaving college to ensure continuity in their ongoing development.


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