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The Rheingans Sisters

Date: Saturday 15th October 2016, 8pm
Venue: The Gallery at Ruskin Mill
Price: 8 / 6 (under 25s)

Stories for Autumn

Date: Saturday 17th September 2016 - Saturday 17th December 2016, 10.30 - 12.30
Venue: The Gallery at Ruskin Mill
Price: 4/3/10 families

Community Pottery Workshops

Date: Friday 1st January 2016 - Wednesday 1st January 2020, various times
Venue: Stroud Community Pottery
Price: 2 hour sessions 12 (daytime) / 15 (evenings)

The Rheingans Sisters

The Rheingans Sisters

Event Description:

With rave reviews across the national, folk and world music press, The Rheingans Sisters second album Already Home was one of the most talked about folk albums of 2015. In this years BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, as well as their nomination in the Horizon category for Best Newcomer, their song Mackerel won the prestigious award for Best Original Track: rarely awarded to artists so early in their career.

The sisters partnership - bold, original and bright - has resulted in truly innovative music, which pulls influences from both northern and southern European fiddle traditions into their own compositions and arrangements. Rowan is well known as part of Lady Maisery, Songs of Separation and Nancy Kerrs Sweet Visitor Band. Anna is currently based in Toulouse where she is a much sought after fiddle player and teacher of French music traditions. Spending much of their time apart, their individual musical worlds are brought together on stage in a fascinating exploration of the links between music rooted in different places, between old songs and new and between two players of distinct style.

The Gallery at Ruskin Mill

Saturday 15th October 2016, 8pm, 8 / 6 (under 25s)