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Music: Dipper Malkin

Friday 3 March 8pm Dipper Malkin This inspiring duo is the meeting place for new ideas to meld with traditional... Read more

Exhibition: Gig Binder

Friday 10 March - Thursday 23 March Gig Binder: An Eye on Nature Gig Binder presents an exhibition of wildlife... Read more

Talk : Pip Heywood

Friday 17 March 8pm Pip Heywood: Moving On An evening of words, landscape and film Following his evening at the... Read more

Exhibition: Ruskin Mill Pottery

Saturday 25 March - Sunday 23 April Ruskin Mill Community Pottery A collaboration of Ruskin Mill students, tutors and the... Read more

Music: Daoirí Farrell

Saturday 1 April 8pm You may not have heard of him yet, but Daoirí (pronounced ‘Derry’) is one of the... Read more

Exhibitions: Nick Moore

Friday 28 April - Tuesday 23 May Material Shift This is the first exhibition of a new series of paintings.... Read more

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