A new Greenwood work shelter at Clervaux Fold

December 17 2019

We are delighted that The Fold’s new Greenwood Work Shelter is being built up at Clervaux by Chris Helliwell and his helpful team. With a generous £15,000 donation from the Veterans Foundation, we will build a durable and well equipped greenwood work shelter on the Fold’s land, as well as providing craft sessions for a range of ages, with activities such as; spoon carving, spindle turning and stool making.

With referrals from Catterick Garrison and the Army Welfare Service, for years Clervaux staff have witnessed the positive effects of greenwood work on military personnel and their families, as it enhances peoples; emotional, social and cognitive developments. Our military greenwood programmes have always been hugely oversubscribed, with the stool making course profoundly effecting father and son relationships, helping them to bond in a constructive context.

There is a rising swell of evidence suggesting that connectivity with nature relieves symptoms of PTSD and improves wellbeing. It is this exposure to green and open space that the local families crave, after living on a military base. With a roof overhead and a wood burning stove, the shelter will be used all year round, connecting families to the outdoors. These craft courses will be particularly relevant to military families with Special Educational Needs and mental health issues, as that is Clervaux’s area of expertise. Plus, the courses will help upskill people young and old in a new hobby, also helping transitioning service members to discover a community outside of military service.  

Find out more about Clervaux Fold or contact Lone Helliwell, Clervaux Fold Manager on +44 (0) 7812 234 372 | +44 (0) 1325 729 860 ext 3004 |


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