Thank you Summerfield!

January 15 2018

The Summerfield Charitable Trust has generously funded new flexible low energy lighting system that has now been installed in our gallery and is making the world of difference in lighting our wide range of live events and exhibitions.

The sophisticated track lighting is dimmable and offers a range of changeable beam angles, enabling us to illuminate exhibitions very professionally, and to accommodate different staging needs. The new lighting system also saves energy, reduces costs, and saves on time spent on maintenance. The lights and fittings are unobtrusive, blending in very well with the character and heritage of the Gallery. The new lighting system stretches the full length of the Gallery, allowing the whole space to be fully used in the most attractive and visually helpful ways:

The dimmable controls and the changeable beam angles enable exhibitors to choose the best lighting effects to suit any time of the day or night, and the prevailing weather and light outside.

Here assemblage artist Kelly Kitsch (Sarah Kelly) has displayed her modern-day shrines with just the right intensity of light to suit the middle of a fairly bright day,in a way which allows the stained glass fanlight to reveal its beauty in complementary ways.

Lighting our Wide Range of Live Events

We have also installed art-hanging systems and new display boards that work with the new track lighting system to offer excellent conditions through which artists may display and present their work. The new lighting also helps staff to highlight the beauty of the architectural features of the Gallery, such as the creative flagstone flooring. Here we see how the new lighting system fulfils both practical and aesthetic lighting needs to equally precise and successful effect.

The last picture gives a sense of the versatility of the new lighting to create the atmospheres
for an impressive performance space, be it storytelling, craftwork demonstrations, live music,
or theatre of various kinds.

Lighting our Wide Range of Live Events


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