Transpennine Express -Funding Competition

December 12 2018

High Riggs Biodynamic Garden has been shortlisted in a funding competition with Transpennine Express. We are pleased to say we have been shortlisted out of 114 applicants into the final 6 for our geographical area. This grant would enable us to purchase a Ridan Composter for High Riggs, which is a zero energy composter that has already been successfully introduced at other Trust sites. The Ridan would allow us to sustainably recycle our food waste, to great environmental benefit, whilst providing an engaging educational tool for students and tutors to interact with.

Therefore we would be most grateful if you could take a minute to vote for the Trust by following this link:

You will need to select the geographical area ‘Humberside, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire’ before casting your vote out of the 6 given options. Voting ends on the 31st of December, so please do share and spread the positive word about the competition as much as possible before then.


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