Covid-19 Safety

The schools have remained open for all pupils and students during the COVID pandemic. Where students have needed to self-isolate we have provided remote learning in the forms of online lessons, or craft packs for pupils/ students that are not able to access online learning. The schools have also ensured that there are daily welfare checks for all pupils/students at home to further support them and their families.

Read our Business Continuity Plan here.

The School continues to remain open throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and has a number of protocols in place to ensure our pupils can continue to learn in a safe, responsible environment.

Whilst maintaining these strict safety protocols, the School also has in place policies and procedures for the testing of both pupils and staff, including those in our residential houses.

For any other queries regarding our policies and procedures relating to Covid-19, please contact the school on 01325 729860 or by emailing

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