About us

Clervaux offers day and residential care places to young people and adults with complex learning and behavioural difficulties and support them in gaining training and further education.

The residential provision, Clervaux Life, carries the Trust’s vision to a whole-life approach providing 24-hour care and seeks to harness and nurture their potential by providing a rich and varied lifestyle. Our holistic approach provides the stability to build confidence, make positive lifestyle choices and develop meaningful relationships based on mutual respect. Provision is offered to those leaving full-time specialist education, those in need of additional independence training, and adults benefiting from long-term care.

Daytime work and training within the trust’s environment and ethos is available at nearby Croft-on-Tees. The rural setting of the Clow Beck Centre farm provides workshops and sessions in weaving, textiles, green woodwork, catering and stained glass as well as delivering land work, biodynamic agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and woodland management. These workshops and vocational training programmes offer service users both personal and vocational opportunities to develop skills.

In nearby Darlington, there are opportunities for service users to apply for supported work placements including through the bakery or front of house positions in our artisan bakery and café. This allows young people to work and train in a social enterprise, bring quality local and organic food to Darlington and engage with community life. Voluntary work, work experience placements and further education opportunities are supported within the local community where training and qualifications are available.

Find out more about Clervaux Garden School (Summer 2019) here.

If you would like to support us, please email fundraising@rmt.org