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A new Ruskin Mill Trust centre in Wales opening September 2020

Building on the success of Coleg Plas Dwbl in North Pembrokeshire, Ruskin Mill Trust is pleased to introduce Coleg Ty’r Eithin, near Swansea in South Carmarthen, due to open in September 2020. Both colleges offer Ruskin Mill Trust’s innovative Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE) method giving young people the opportunity to overcome barriers to learning, become skilled through doing real life purposeful activities, and engage as valued members of the community.

Green wood working lesson

Coleg Ty’r Eithin offers exciting outdoor learning environments, utilising practical land and craft activities to support the development of work and life skills for both day and residential students aged 16-25, through Practical Skills Therapeutic Education.

Educational Method

Our curriculum is designed to engage students in learning, increase self awareness and self esteem, and support social, academic and life skills development.

Through our research-based method, Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE) Ruskin Mill Trust is able to offer individual programmes and support that facilitate the students ability to reimagine their potential. The method, researched up to PhD degree level, is inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, John Ruskin and William Morris.

Students are provided with holistic learning by role modelling positive relationships in the fields of arts, crafts, commerce, agriculture, nutrition, living skills and the environment.

Through immersing themselves in the productive aspect of our curriculum, students learn to care for their own wellbeing and development, and overcome their barriers to learning. They learn to recognise their capabilities and positively contribute to society, which is continuously celebrated through cultural events, the arts and festivals for staff, students and the wider community.

• 87% of Ruskin Mill Trust students make termly progress in English and maths
• 85% of leavers in 2018/2019 achieved a vocational qualification unit
• 100% of students completing their programme in 2018/2019 accessed work experience placements

Students with farm animals and wood work

Three-stage Process

Practical Skills Therapeutic Education offers a three-stage process to measure progress and support our young people to engage in their own development and move forward with their lives. The three stages are key to achieving work readiness and independent living skills.

It is important to note that the student’s movement through the three stages is not time bound but driven by the student’s own ability.

1. Overcoming barriers to learning
Through our contemporary apprenticeship model, students are helped to identify and work through their barriers to learning and other authority issues.

By supporting them to engage with practical skills and communicate both their challenges and achievements, young people learn the first steps in following instructions, respecting social boundaries and observing safety protocols.

2. Becoming skilled
As confidence and self-respect grow through practical and social achievement, levels of support are reduced according to need, while simultaneously offering new challenges to widen their skills-base. This includes a variety of internal work experience, and accreditation and qualification opportunities to support their goals towards future work and independent living.

3. Contributing to the community
This stage focuses on outward-facing social and vocational enterprises and opportunities, offered through both the day and residential programmes.

External work experience, social enterprises, leisure programmes, living skills, cultural and social activities, are all tied into their goals and pathways through college, and transitioning out into their communities.

The three-stage pathway is translated into a bespoke study plan for each student aligned to agreed outcomes and integrated into both day and residential provision, as appropriate.

Student in the countryside around tyr eithin with outbuildings

Residential Provision

The residential homes at Coleg Ty’r Eithin offer a fully integrated approach to meaningful learning with countless opportunities for practising and rehearsing the transferable skills which have been gained during the day.

Everyone is encouraged to help out in the household, each according to their individual skills and abilities. Produce from the farm and craft items from the workshops are brought home and students experience pride and joy from making valued contributions to the household community, and gain a wide range of social and practical living skills in the process.

Residential homes are situated within the local community and provide students with many opportunities for engaging with events and activities and develop new interests and friendships.

Our models of Residential Service vary to ensure we can provide the best match for individual needs. We pride ourselves on domestic sized households and support structures which can be adapted to overcome challenges as well as provide opportunities for learning and progression.

Staff will continuously assess students’ abilities and ensure appropriate support is provided to keep them safe within an informed learning environment.

Students can experience our Shared Lives model where they live with Shared Lives Providers or a Team Home provision where they are supported by a consistent team of Engagement Workers. All our staff within both models of Residential Service receive extensive training and development opportunities and are highly committed to the research based work they perform.

With three distinct habitats - lower valley fields, woodland fields and over two hundred acres of upland hills - T’yr Eithin’s farm setting provides a unique and tranquil environment where students can reimagine their potential.

Ty’r Eithin offers easy access to nearby Swansea and local urban life, providing opportunities for community engagement and work experience placements. It is a 15-minute drive from the M4.

The old farmhouse is the welcoming heart of the college, with additional spaces designed by the celebrated architect Christopher Day. The property has been recently refurbished. Residential students will be able to live in the locality in one of our Care Wales registered houses.

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