Course Subjects

Every Ruskin Mill provision offers a core curriculum of land, craft and performing arts activities, supplemented by a wide variety of enrichment and therapy sessions in both daytime and residential setting, for up to 52 weeks per year. Each student's programme of study is crafted in order to meet that student's specific educational needs. All activities support the student to work towards achieving his or her potential and future destination, whether that is work experience, independent living or further education.

Activities offered at each site are particular to the cultural and geographical history of the location of the provision. These activities are divided into three main subject areas:


In craft sessions, learners develop the ability to focus their attention, co-ordinate their movement and co-operate with others through the craft. By creating craft objects of the highest quality under the guidance of experienced master craftspeople, they create a new sense of their own potential and self-worth.


By working on the land, learners acquire a new relationship to nourishment and respect of nature. Through caring for the land, plants and animals they also learn to care for themselves and others. Ruskin Mill’s seed-to-table approach allows to participate in and understand the role that nature plays in human development. In an increasing culture of instant gratification, the student learns that some things take time - and they work for the benefit of others and the community.

Performing arts

Learners in drama, history of art and music sessions experiment with and share their own creativity with others. They develop confidence and their ability to display the products of their imagination with their peers and community.

Work experience

From the moment of their entry into college, our pathways team are working with students to prepare and place them in work experience settings in line with their aspirations. Beginning in a supported internal environment, students can progress through social enterprises into external work placements and hence build up their skills, independence and confidence.


More than just living skills, residential students learn to create a home, look after themselves and share with others. Whether in a team home, with a shared life provider or in an independent flat, learners cultivate the skills necessary to progress towards living more independently.


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