About us

Freeman College, awarded ‘Good’ by Ofsted, offers over 90 places to young people with complex learning and behavioural difficulties with both day and residential placements.

Based in the illustrious metalworking district of Sheffield, the college offers young people a unique opportunity to learn and develop transferable skills through meaningful real-life activities and accredited courses in both the day and residential programmes. Following a personalised pre-entry assessment leading to an individualised learning and development programme, activities include traditional metal crafts such as spoon forging, copper-work, pewter-work and jewellery, as well as land-based and traditional crafts, animal husbandry, horticulture, catering and hospitality, music, art and drama, with communication and functional skills embedded throughout the day and residential provision.

Healthy food is grown and harvested at the college’s 9-acre market garden (using the biodynamic method) and prepared with students in the canteens, café and households. Students have a range of internal and local external work experience opportunities.

In residential provision, students live in family or team houses in the local community and can progress onto placements in training flats or semi independent living, where they have the opportunity to take greater responsibility for themselves.


If you would like to support us, please email fundraising@rmt.org